One boy, three girls, what could possibly happen?

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Summer of Heisei period 9 (1997), you play as a young boy who just moved to a small village near Osaka. You will meet three girls in this new school. One of them keeps a really deep secret… What secret? Well, if you can decode the title, you’ll guess it…

“There she he's” (can also be called “Kare wa Kanojo”, “KWK” or “彼は彼女”) is a free independent visual novel made in Ren’Py.
Kare wa Kanojo's project started in 2011. Originally, it was a side project meant to try the basics of Ren'Py, the engine used for this game. One week was enough to write the entire script, and several weeks to compose and sequence the soundtrack. Alas, the first release was in beta for 3 main reasons: I’m not natively english ; my drawing skills are poor ; and the game was a bit rushed up.
Finally, thanks to the help of a great graphic artist, some generous translations contributors and the love the players gave to the game despite its hideous look, the project could grow even better, even bigger. Today, the story includes 3 different routes (instead of originally 2) where your choices can have an impact on the next events! And all of this with better graphics and in HD 1080p!
I would like to thank not only the contributors, but also all the people who supported the game. I deeply hope this new release will satisfy them. And maybe, why not, I will find the inspiration to write a sequel to the game?

A touching but surprising story with 3 possible endings
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Meet the girls!


Sakura is a member of the school's manga club and she has a very deep secret that makes of her a mysterious girl... She is very shy but incredibly pretty. She was the idol of the school until a strange rumor about her started to spread. She likes classical music and plays violin sometimes in the night at her window...


Rika is the founder of the manga club. She got very bad experiences with boys and she sees them as perverts since then. Rika cosplays as a hobby and her best and favourite cosplay is the heroine of the Domoco-chan anime. She speaks in the Kansai dialect like most of the people originating from the Village. She secretly have a little crush on Sakura...


Nanami lives alone with her big brother Toshio after their parents disappeared. She's a quiet introvert girl at first glance, but once she's with her friends, she's a cute energy bomb. She has a natural talent for videogames, which made of her the champion of the Osaka prefecture in numerous videogames.

Game available in multiple languages for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android devices
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