30% complete for the final version

Differences between Computer version and Android version

  • The player's name can't be changed and is Taichi by default
  • Text and buttons are bigger for a better readability on mobile phones ^^
  • The transitions are buggy Falsely corrected in latest versions (they're disabled on some devices)
  • The Hentai scenes aren't available, due to Google Play's policy.


V1.00 coming...maybe...
  • The game will be entirely written from scratch
  • The game will be in HD (it will have a resolution of 1920x1080 and will be played in fullscreen by default. The windowed mode will stay available of course)
  • New Graphics and sprites
  • Music remixed (maybe, if i'm not too lazy)
  • A new character will appear !
  • Some new scenes added !
  • A functional bonus unlocking system
  • Game Jolt trophies integration
  • Possibility of renaming the player's name on Android devices (maybe, if I figure out how)
  • Removed Hentai stuff.
  • Removed the hentai menu (AGAIN)

  • Added japanese language! (many thanks to coolden)
  • Fixed the web updater. (Sorry about that, it's Ren'Py's fault here :p)

  • Engine updated to Ren'Py 6.17.3.
  • Minor fix needed by the update
  • Removal of the opening and ending video in both versions. (they won't be necessary when the graphics will change)
    • Maybe I will remake an opening and ending video in-game and not with a real video. Not sure yet...
  • The buttons are bigger in the android version (at last !!)
  • Changed emplacement of the credits button in the android version
  • Arranged the music player for the Android version
  • Hidden the title menu's update button on the android version
  • Hidden the disclaimer in android version (what for ? no moar pr0n on Google Play :p)
  • Hidden some more confusing stuff in the android version (especially since the google policy i said earlier)
  • Removed the display parameter on the android version
  • Cleaned Sakura's panties

  • Engine updated to Ren'Py 6.16.3.
  • Moved the language chooser box at the left in the preferences
  • Adapted the code so the Android version and PC version share the same code
  • Added an icon .icns for the Mac OS X users
  • Changed the icon on the Android version
  • Added credits readable on the preferences screen (convenience for Android version)
  • Some minor corrections

  • The whole bonus menu has been rebuilt in the standards of Ren'Py 6.15
  • The gallery engine changed completely
  • The music player engine changed
  • Added fancy looking boxes for the names and the text in-game
  • Added a "FIN" at the end of the game before the ending video plays (convenience for Android version)
  • Added the JMF Prod. logo between the disclaimer screen and the opening video (convenience for Android version)
  • Fixed Rika's name not displaying in a box
  • Some minor corrections

  • Engine updated to Ren'Py
  • The whole translation system has been rewritten. Here's the changes about it:
    • The game won't ask you anymore for choosing a language when you start it for the first time. It will start in english by default. 
    • The menu to change the language is now in the preferences, under the hentai switch.
    • No restart of the game is required anymore to change a language.
    • In a close future, it will be possible to switch the languages as easily in the Android versions, making a unique app for all the languages.
    • The management of the translations files has changed, making it easier for eventual contributors to propose their own translations. If you're interested into making KwK in another extra language, please contact me here or on Facebook.
    • Some secret lines have been translated in french at last.
    • Removed the japanese choice of language for now... But i still plan to put it... Just still waiting for a generous translator...
  • The updater has been modified and works.
    • The updater doesn't have anymore music.
    • The updater is fully translated in french and will be in foreign languages.
  • Corrected a line where Taichi said he will wait in front of Sakura's home and finally waiting her at the train station (srsly why didn't i noticed that one earlier? oO)

  • The updater is fully translated for foreign languages (Japanese and french)
  • Compiled with Ren'Py 6.15.5
  • Web updater included
  • The name by default displays when starting a new game, when asking to choose a name (Due to Ren'Py's recent updates, i had to do this that way, else the name by default doesn't display at all... -.-)
  • Alot of backgrounds have been remade with pics taken around the city of Echizen.
  • Removed a useless file (The french android version of the game. No, you don't need it here)
  • The game's versions are named 0.x instead of BETAx
  • Cleaned some cum in Taichi's room...
  • Compiled with Ren'Py 6.13.12, correcting a glitch with the player's name. (Many thanks to Anon)
  • The bonus section is remade to be fully translated, depending of the choosen language.
  • New handwritten font for the non-japanese versions
  • The interface is fully translated again. (Many thanks to Sakamoto)
  • Updated the op and ed videos and enhanced their quality
  • Deactivated the yet useless voice volume parameter
  • Moved the hentai switch where the voice parameter was
  • The preferences menu has a background now
  • Deactivated the Developper's menu. You really don't need it, trust me
  • Compiled with Ren'Py 6.13.8 : Added buttons in the lower-right on the in-game screen.
  • Changed the theme of the game buttons and menus
  • Fixed a glitch with Taichi's second letter about Sakura.
  • The whole soundtrack is made
  • Internal data is archived into a file and source files are no longer included
  • Game interface is fully translated for foreign languages (Japanese and french)
  • Compiled with Ren'Py 6.12.2
  • Changed 4 musics (100% made by me !)
  • Graphic corrections in the french version
  • Fixed some bugs about the picture gallery
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added new music at the end (100% made by me !)
  • Changed Taichi's music theme (100% made by me !)
  • Changed Sakura's music theme (100% made by me !)
  • Changed Rika's music theme (100% made by me !)
  • Changed School's music theme (100% made by me !) 
  • Optimisation on some portions of the code
  • Added an NVL mode (à la Higurashi) for the email and chat reading
  • Fixed a bug with a picture at one of Rika's ecchi session
  • Fixed a bug that duplicates a scene in the french version (thanks to Shin)
  • Fixed the gallery with the uncensor trigger
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added some entries in the integrated lexical index
  • Fixed crash with a lexical index entry (thanks to WBX)
  • Corrected logo (thanks to hinterlands)
  • Some grammar corrections (thanks to trapattack)
  • Added (horrible) mods related for the SuperDeepthroat flash game oO
  • Added more bonus chapters (with some new graphics) and modified the bonus menu 
  • Added secret codes !!!
  • Minor coding fixes
  • Main script divided in multiple files by language and type
  • Grammar correction in the first part of english version (thanks to trapattack)
  • Grammar correction in the french version. 
  • Update on OP and ED video credits
  • Added french version of a bonus scene
  • Added gallery section in the bonus menu
  • Added music section in the bonus menu 
  • Added a preview of the medal unlock system
  • Added some new scenes pictures
  • Removed a useless pic
  • Disabled the normally unaccessible debug mode
  • Hentai scenes censored a bit (black line censor)
  • Micro-eroge bonus added in english (beta version)
  • 2 useless lines removed in the code

  • Graphic changes
  • Useless graphics removed
  • Disclaimer about sexual content added
  • French translation corrected massively
  • Added the bonus menu
  • French translation added
  • Corrected a crash occuring when Sakura says "I love you" to Taichi. (Too hot to handle for the game)
  • Added a forgotten line in a non-hentai scene's code
  • Initial release

Notes from the author

You don't understand the title? It's normal, it's just a pun with "There she is" and the actual meaning of the Japanese name "Kare wa kanojo" (He is her)...
I don't remember why I wanted to write this story... What exactly pushed me to write this game...

Maybe it's linked to the story with my "virtual sister" I met in an on-line game... She was a Japanese woman living in Florida. She was a very adorable and sweet person... But she was infected by a lupus.
Time has passed and her disease became more and more worse. The last time I could chat with her online, she wasn't even able to breathe by herself... I never seen her again since then. I think she passed out now... I miss her horribly... The character of Sakura is based on my virtual sister. She has the same nature and the same appearance in some points.

The story is also a sort of fable about tolerance, friendship and love. The story is centered about those points, no matter which path you choose. (Every path is good to take, by the way ^_^ )
It took me 2 weeks of intensive work to make this, and I'm still updating it actually... but I wished I could do better... Like using freshly drawn characters, musics and backgrounds... But I'm kinda not enough good for drawings. And also too lazy!... But maybe someday I'll enhance it... I hope it.