(name changeable when a new game is started)
Age : 19
Height : 165 cm - 5.4 ft
Weight : 62 Kg - 136 pounds
Measurements : 75-72-73
Blood type : A
Favourite manga : High School Samurai
Favourite videogame : Queen of Battlers '96
Favourite food : American hamburgers
Taichi is the hero of the game, the character that represents the player. He's a young boy from Tokyo who has just moved to the village. He doesn't seems happy of it the first times.
Taichi is a nice guy, determined. He likes computers, mangas and loves to have fun with his friends. He is not afraid to face problems, especially if the sake of his friends is involved. He got an older sister that is married and still lives in Tokyo. Taichi is quite uncertain so he lets fate (or player!) leading his decisions most of the time...


Age :
Height : 157 cm - 5.1 ft
Weight : 51 Kg - 112 pounds
Measurements : Unknown
Blood type : AB
Favourite manga : Uchuu Tenshi Moechan
Favourite videogame : Taiko no Masuta EX 4'
Favourite food : Beef yakitori
Sakura is a young girl living in a street near Taichi's house. She is very shy but incredibly pretty. She was the idol of the school until a strange rumor about her started to spread. She is Rika's best friend and a member of the school's manga club. She likes classical music and her favorite song is the Air Orchestral suite #3 of Bach in D Major. She also plays violin sometimes in the night at her window. She is one of the rare Japanese girls to have blue eyes...


Age : 
Height : 152 cm - 5 ft
Weight : 50 Kg - 110 pounds
Measurements : 92-64-87
Blood type : O
Favourite manga : Desu Motto
Favourite videogame : Super Musashi Galaxy Fight
Favourite food : Fried squids
Rika is a girl living opposite side of the houses of Taichi and Sakura. She got very bad experiences with boys and she sees them as cockroaches since then. She is the founder of the manga club and the best friend of Sakura. She secretly have a little crush on her... Rika cosplays as a hobby and her favorite cosplay is the heroine of the Domoco-chan anime. She have the same hair as the character and she plays with that during her cosplay. She have strange eyes minnows that makes every boys dreamy.