Frequently asked questions

How to run the game?

PC: Use an archive extracter (such as Winrar or 7zip), extract the folder on your home directory and double click kwk.exe in the folder (or if you're on Mac OS X or Linux) 
If you downloaded the Windows only installer, you just need to run kwksetup and it will install like any program, putting a folder in start menu and shortcuts.
Android: Just go to Google Play and install it like any other app!

[Android] I can't download the app (error 491)

Just clear the cache of the Google Play Store app. Instructions on how to do it here.

[Android] I have another error....

I don't do any support for the actual release. The next update will come when the final release of the game will be out.
While that, you can still play the game on your PC, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. You have a computer, right?

Can I do fanart / fanfics about Kare wa Kanojo?

Fanarts/fanfics/fanwhatever are completely allowed and even encouraged. As long as it respects the basics of fanarts. Like:
  1. To credit correctly the original game, like "based upon Kare wa Kanojo by JMF Games" (adding the website if possible) and not claim that KwK is your creation (there's enough proof of the contrary anyway  :p )
  2. To not take any assets directly from the game like graphics, texts, musics, etc... Draw yourself, write and invent yourself, make remixes, that's how fanart works :p
  3. To post me a link to it so I can see that and share it ^^ (send on THIS PAGE and nowhere else)

Do you plan a sequel?

No. But the final release will include more content than before.

When will be released the final version?

When I will finish writing the scripts. It can be soon, in several years or even never, sadly... :(

Can I have the Soundtrack for my music player?

Sure thing. just go to the bonus section "Omake" to find the download link...

I don't see the hentai scenes!

There's no hentai scenes anymore for multiples reasons:
  • They are not important at all for the plot
  • With the graphics actual, they looked awful
  • It would add too much work for the final release
  • Most of my stuff is SFW and I wanted this one to be
  • This game got enough success in Android devices and this version didn't included hentai at all (Google Play policy) Which made hentai scenes completely obsolete

In what kind of computer the game can run?

Every PC not too old with Windows XP Vista or 7, Mac OS X or Linux with graphical interface should be able to run the game! For the Android devices, i can't put a list. I just know it works at least on Archos Cobalt 101, on a LG F70 and on Samsung Galaxy S2. Check on the Google Play store !...

What did you use to make the game?

  • Ren'Py SDK (game engine)
  • 3D Custom Shoujo and tons of mods (Graphic design of the girls)
  • GiMP (Backgrounds and infography)
  • Audacity & LMMS (Sound and music editor)

Will you make the game in japanese?

I'll try, someday... I just need a good translator. I don't want to make a bad translation with Google Translate or such... :p
Japanese language is included only in the PC version. It will be in all versions when the final release will be there !

Is there bonuses to unlock?

Yes. The Bonus mode is unlockable by finishing the game.... What's on the bonuses ? Don't expect me to tell you ! :p

Will it be voiced someday?

I hope, someday. Maybe the day I will make a V2.0 with new graphics, musics and stuff ; if i can find some japanese actresses... Or even english-speaking actresses for the english version? Dunno... :p

Will it be an anime someday?

Lol! I wish so...

Why do you say it's a "trap eroge"?

To get the answer, it needs some spoilers. 

Why this game ? Why a "trap" eroge?

Frankly I don't know... It was an idea I was getting since a long moment... I thought it was a good subject for a first try in eroges... Maybe i'll made more eroges after this one, I don't know...

Do you plan to make other VNs?

Didn't planned any for now...

Are you gay?

What? O_O No. I'm straight and mated with a girl since 2003 if you want to know... ^_^