Play it on your Android device !"There she he's" (can also be called "Kare wa kanojo" or "彼 は 彼女") is an independant visual novel written in python with the Ren'Py SDK, with graphics made with 3D Custom Girl and GiMP, and is completely free !
It's a game available in english and french and includes unlockable bonuses. It is released for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android devices. (For the Android version, you can scan the QR Code at the right to find it.)

Summer of Heisei period 9 (1997), a young boy (Taichi is his default name) just moved to a small village near Osaka. This boy will meet two girls in his new school. He will live a love triangle with these two girls but one of them keeps a really deep secret... What secret? Well, if you can decode the title, you'll guess it...

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