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New update 0.50

posted Aug 30, 2013, 1:20 PM by Max le Fou   [ updated Aug 30, 2013, 1:22 PM ]
Here goes the new update. If you haven't downloaded the version 0.45 yesterday, you must download manually the game (the old updater won't work) just follow the download link at the left. However, if you indeed have downloaded the version 0.45, you can use the updater.

Here's the changelogs:
  • Engine updated to Ren'Py
  • The whole translation system has been rewritten. Here's the changes about it:
    • The game won't ask you anymore for choosing a language when you start it for the first time. It will start in english by default. 
    • The menu to change the language is now in the preferences, under the hentai switch.
    • No restart of te game is required anymore to change a language.
    • In a close future, it will be possible to switch the languages as easily in the Android versions, making a unique app for all the languages.
    • The management of the translations files has changed, making it easier for eventual contributors to propose their own translations. If you're interested into making KwK in another extra language, please contact me here or on Facebook.
    • Some secret lines have been translated in french at last.
    • Removed the japanese choice of language for now... But i still plan to put it... Just still waiting for a generous translator...
  • The updater has been modified and works.
    • The updater doesn't have anymore music.
    • The updater is fully translated in french.
  • Corrected a line where Taichi said he will wait in front of Sakura's home and finally waiting her at the train station (srsly why didn't i noticed that one earlier? oO)