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New update 0.52

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:43 AM by Max le Fou   [ updated Dec 2, 2013, 9:45 AM ]
New updates with mostly some invisible changes in the code. You can either download the game again or use the updater. Here's the changelog:
  • Engine updated to Ren'Py 6.16.3.
  • Moved the language chooser box at the left in the preferences
  • Adapted the code so the Android version and PC version share the same code
  • Added an icon .icns for the Mac OS X users
  • Changed the icon on the Android version
  • Added credits readable on the preferences screen (convenience for Android version)
  • Some minor corrections
I'm having issues updating the Android version (Ren'Py makers tried to make things more simple but they messed up everything) So this one will take more time to come. But, now the game is available on Google play here ! No need to install manually the apk (tho, the link to the apk file is still available, just in case.

Also, WHY ARE YOU ALL USING ANDROID, PEOPLE?! Like, I said this version was in pre-alpha and might not be stable and all, unlike the PC version, and yet it's the most downloaded one! WTF?!