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Good news and bad news

posted Aug 29, 2013, 1:27 PM by Max le Fou   [ updated Aug 29, 2013, 3:38 PM ]
I'm starting for the bad news... An update is comming and this one will require you to download it and install it manually. The update module doesn't work.
Second bad news, this update will include the last update of Ren'Py. This update makes mandatory the use of the new translations format. This leaded to a catastrophic update of the game making it not working at all... I'm actually compiling and uploading the version 0.45. This one will make the game playable but only in english... I'll need more time for the other languages... When it will be done, i'll release it under the version 0.50.

Now for the good news. This update, once it wil lbe done, will make possible to translate the game in more languages more easily. If all goes alright, i might be able to propose people with foreign languages (japanese mainly but not limited to that anymore) to bring their own language to the game! Just contact me via the form to ask me for details.
Also, i took the decision of remaking myself the Android versions after a long learning of RAPT (the SDK of Ren'Py for making Android Ren'Py games). They're based on the 0.41 (these versions didn't got touched by the languae glitch myysteriously)... I might invest in a Google Developper account so the VN can be available on the Google Market. ;) When the 0.50 will be done, i'll update the Android versions as well. So it will make an unique app for all teh languages ^^