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  • Taichi in japanese means "Big one"... No comment. :p
  • It took a dozen of tries in 3DCG to find and make the final design of Sakura !!
  • The pictures for the backgrounds (BETA40 and further) are taken from Echizen and Fukui in the Fukui prefecture. The author was looking for a rural village similar to Shirakawa-go (the village that was used for Higurashi no naku koro ni).
  • Rika was meant to be called Riko. But the author thought Riko would be too 'manly' for occidental readers. So he changed it to Rika. The filenames associated with Rika in the source code are still called Riko, thought...
  • Rika's family is born in the Osaka prefecture. Sakura is born in Kyoto but her parents and grand-parents are both from Tokyo. That's why Rika is the only one to speak with the Kansai dialect. But it's not mentionned directly in the game (except for the future japanese version and maybe someday if there's voice actors) 
  • We can suppose that Taichi and Rika uses Yahoo! Japan in its early years... No, we won't give you their e-mail addresses !
  • Two secret codes are hidden in the game... But will you find them somewhere ?

Opening song

Title: Love Place
Lyrics (thanks to this website):

恋のトキメキ 恋のタメイキ / もうメモリにいっぱいで
koi no tokimeki koi no tameiki sura mou memori ni ippai de
恋のスイッチで 恋のスキップ ほら もう君に夢中なんだ
koi no suicchi de koi no sukippu hora mou kimi ni muchuu nanda
待ち合わせには 時間におくれないように行くよ
machiawase ni ha jikan ni okurenai youni ikuyo
君をポケットに入れて いつだって どこだって つれてゆきたいな
kimi wo poketto ni irete itsudatte dokodatte tsureteyukitai na
ラブプレイス いつも そばにいるよね
LOVE PLACE itsumo soba ni iruyo ne
ラブプレイス いつでも ねぇ 笑ってて
LOVE PLACE itsudemo nee warattete
ラブプレイス いつも見つめていてね
LOVE PLACE itsumo mitsumeteite ne
ラブプレイス 僕らは愛をプレイする
LOVE PLACE bokura ha ai wo purei suru